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1:10 Rod Shop

1:10 Rod Shop | CEN Racing Ford F450 | 2018 "I WANT IT ALL"

1:10 Rod Shop | CEN Racing Ford F450 | 2018 "I WANT IT ALL"

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I Want It All Grille Light Kit


  •  2018 Grille with Licensed Ford Emblem Grille Insert and LED's
  •  Tail Light Kit and LED's
  •  Scale Door Handles
  •  Fog Lights Kit
  •  Rear Dually Fender Lights
  •  LED Cab Clearance Lights
  •  Blinker Mirror Kit
  • Bed Cover
  • Motorized Side Steps Kit

Our 1:10 Rod Shop kits are perfect for the CEN Racing Ford F450! This is for the DIY'ers out there who like to do it all themselves. Our raw kit is ready to paint, easy assembly, and install. The main grill can also be ordered in color-matched paint. This isn't cheap paint either, we use only automotive grade paint.  It has some really trick fiber optics to give the F450 the ultimate scale light kit. You won't find these anywhere else in the world. This Kit will light up your night and change the game in your local scale scene. There is some cutting necessary to install the kit and wiring as well. All kits come with all needed LEDS labeled for placement. The LEDS are pre-wired with 8" leads and resistors so that they can be added to any power source 3V-12V. We run these separately so that you can hook them to your favorite light controller with ease. 

Degree of Difficulty: Need some soldering skills and a steady hand for cutting

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