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Jeremy Griffith, Big Squid RC

Big Squid RC

"1:10 Rod Shop has made a name for themselves with the CEN Dually mod kits, and this is the tip of the iceberg, I talk to Dustin the Owner of 1:10 Rod Shop a lot, from what I hear some wicked stuff is around the corner and not just for the CEN Dually. If you are looking to get some quality mods for the CEN Dually then I suggest checking out 1:10 Rod Shop on Facebook or @110rodshop on Instagram, tell them Big Squid send you! 🤘🏻🦑"

- Jeremy Griffith

My Tobbies- Toys and Hobbies Tampa

"I had the privilege of working with 1:10 Rod Shop doing this build. I ran into a couple things (and glued a small part to myself) and I needed some assistance. It was there. No questions asked, a little bit of laughter, but the service was second to none. I would definitely recommend them and soon they will be in stock at My Tobbies-Toys and Hobbies. I can’t wait!!"

- Beau Pickett

Todd Gardner

"As I wrap up this build, I'd like to thank all the guys who made this possible to build a great looking truck. Hats off to these guys!!! Dustin Kirkbride @ 1:10 Rod Shop for the 2022 F450 setup, including bumper, and magnetic body mount."

  • Joseph Isaman

    "1:10 is a huge 10 stars on my end, i can't think of to many other companies out here doing what we do that I'd give 10 out of 10 stars to, they are super insightful, and willing to take time away from their everyday life's to stop and help a customer out I will continue to buy from them as much as I possibly can."

  • Chuck Smith

    "There’s not enough stars to give him on his kits. Dustin has gone over and above on his products, he’s so scale."

  • Mark Thrasher

    "Want to give a big thx to 1:10 Rod Shop for building some awesome products as always. No disappointment here. I look forward to getting these added to the heavily modded 1:10 lights and products that I have already installed. Thx again Dustin Kirkbride."

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We are Mr & Mrs 1:10 Rod Shop! He, Dustin- designs and develops all our products, does all the advanced installs, and helps our customers with any questions. She, Járeana- runs the business, website, shipping, fulfillment and manages our large family full-time! We’ve also added one full-time employee to help keep our inventory up! So when you’re seeing us out in the wild or at events, on social media, visiting our website, or receiving an order... we hope your experience with us is the best. We do try hard to pretend we’re as efficient as the big box stores— but — well we’re only a 3 person operation, give us a little grace!! Just wanted to make our faces known! Let y’all know we are real people, real hobbyists, and we’re just like y’all; We love the RC Life!